Keyboard Waffle

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Molten Chocolate Soufflé

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Ice Cube Recipe

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Tea Flavor Wheel

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Guiness Beer May Not Be Vegan

All you vegans out there, beware:

Guiness says that “minute quantities” of an animal product called isinglass could be in its beer.

Isinglass, a gelatine-like substance made from the air-bladders or sounds of fish like the sturgeon is added to cask beers like Guinness to help any remaining yeast and solid particles settle out of the final product.As the finings pass through the beer, they attract themselves to particles in the fermented beer that create an unwanted “haziness” in the final product and form into a jelly-like mass that settles to the bottom of the cask. While beer left untouched will clear on it’s own, isinglass speeds up the process and doesn’t affect the final flavor of the beer once removed.

[Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 😛 ]


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Eating is a Waste of Time

I’ve met a few people like this, and I feel equal parts sorry for them, disbelieving, and puzzled.

You know what’s an irreversible waste of time, money and effort? Eating food you take pleasure in eating. I mean, wouldn’t you rather just ingest a tasteless form of sustenance for the rest of your life and never have to go through that tedious rigmarole of opening and eating a pre-made sandwich or enjoying a huge hungover fry-up ever again? Rob Rhinehart – a 24-year-old software engineer from Atlanta and, presumably, an impossibly busy man – thinks so.

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Babybel Cheese People

Babybel Cheese People

Materials needed: Babybel cheese, razor blade, sesame seeds, imagination

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