Cake Decorating Factory

I’ve always been fascinated with cake decorating. It’s just fun to watch. There are not many things I can compare it to…the creation of something cool-looking that also tastes good, designed to bring a smile to the face of anyone who eats it. I mean, really, what else can you compare that to? I love the idea of someone putting their heart into making edible art. It’s personal, and makes you feel special for being invited to take part in the food’s consumption.

Which brings me to this:


Cosmetic cake surgery?


I’m not really sure what to think. I love inventions that introduce new approaches to making decadent sweets, especially if they look cool. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t fantasized about living in a robotic home that got you out of bed, George Jetson-style, and made you breakfast. The idea of waking up and getting ready for work in a fully-automated home is so luxurious…


Like a song with a drum machine beat


So, this device: on one hand, it’s really cool…look at the intricate design it made on the cake! But it loses its spark a bit. No arms have gotten a good workout from all that piping. There was no “Oops, let me cover that up with an extra loop there…” It’s just perfectly put together….a bit too perfect, if you ask me. This cake has no soul. It’s pretty, but has no personality.


About Rickie

Just a girl who likes to teach kids, create designs, upcycle, peruse eateries, cook, watch / make / hear music, cuddle with her cats and a bunch of other stuff.
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