Single Serve Coffee

Coffee pots. I don’t understand why it seems so difficult to replace them. They are the easiest part of the coffee-making contraption to break, and yet infuriatingly difficult to replace. I used to have a very efficient (and cute) coffee/tea maker, gifted to me by my mother. It was an old Sanrio model. Everything was great until the spout on the pot chipped. Finding a replacement for this silly piece of glass, with a plastic and metal handle, proved to be impossible. Fast forward to present time – me and at least three (most likely more that I just don’t know about) friends have the exact same coffee maker. The cheapest coffee maker one can buy new, by Mr. Coffee, brews four cups (which means two mugs). Well, after a good four years or so, it was finally time for our decanter to break. By then, I’d become a daily coffee drinker, and whimpered at the thought of having instant coffee*. I took matters into my own hands.

It's exactly what it looks like.

With a little improvisation and patience, I started having my coffee this way, until we were able to get a replacement…Thankfully, since it is such a popular model, it was easy to find a replacement online.

Recently, I came across this classy looking thing. It instantly reminded me of my very slow method of making coffee, only much prettier.

Fancy cup of coffee

Ah, filter.

* – To be fair, Starbucks instant coffee is pretty good. It’s just really expensive.

Prior to having a proper coffeemaker, I used to have a coffee press, which made very tasty coffee, but was a real hassle to clean. I didn’t take it with me, when I moved. After the demise of our current coffee maker, I regretted that decision.


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