A friend and I decided to have lunch at a nearby place neither of us had tried yet. Because someone had recently told me about it, we chose Forage. Upon entering, I realized that I’d actually been there before to peruse, not to eat. It’s upscale cafeteria-style food, nestled in the heart of Silver Lake. I had a piece of quiche with caramelized onions, a salad [Arugula with Radish, Shallot and Lemon Vinaigrette], and a rice dish [Pearl Barley with Pine Nuts, Raisins and Agro Dolce]. Very yummy! My friend had the chicken salad sandwich on a baguette, which I had a bite of…meh.

Definitely try the quiche. I think I picked a good combination. Be warned, the menu changes daily, but I doubt they’ll be axing the quiche anytime soon. Mmm.


About Rickie

Just a girl who likes to teach kids, create designs, upcycle, peruse eateries, cook, watch / make / hear music, cuddle with her cats and a bunch of other stuff.
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