Crying While Eating

So, you’ve just woken up and you’re sad about something. It happens. You still need to eat to function, so get to it! Here are some tips you may find helpful:

  1. Get some food, even though you aren’t hungry. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all.
  2. Cry so much that tears roll down your face and drip into your food. The tears will add a savory boost to your meal. For an extra kick in flavor, try sniffling up your snot!
  3. After you finish your meal, and you feel queasy because your body didn’t want to eat that food, have a cigarette to slow your blood circulation down. It will also help dry up the remainder of your sobs. There’s no more food to salt up anymore, so what’s the point of crying?

It’s been a pretty tough few months. 


About Rickie

Just a girl who likes to teach kids, create designs, upcycle, peruse eateries, cook, watch / make / hear music, cuddle with her cats and a bunch of other stuff.
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