Bacon Lentil Salad

I sometimes forget about cultural [and religion-based] dietary restrictions. My roommate offered to make dinner recently and joked about being a bad Jew, since this particular dish lends most of its flavor to bacon. Always eager to see what types of dishes others consider a specialty [and also because it’s nice to not worry about making dinner], I readily accepted his offer to feed me. My casual glances at the kitchen, while sipping some red wine, pieced together his pretty satisfying dish:


  • 1 package of lentils [ready to eat, Trader Joe’s brand]
  • 2 chopped leeks
  • 4-6 strips of apple smoked bacon, chopped [Trader Joe’s brand]
  • a few dashes of red wine vinegar
  • baby leaf spinach
  • 3 eggs


  1. Fry the bacon until crispy.
  2. Mix in the leeks, continue cooking for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Mix in the lentils.
  4. Add red wine vinegar
  5. Meanwhile, arrange spinach on individual serving plates.
  6. When the mixture is warm, evenly distribute onto spinach.
  7. Fry eggs sunny side up or over easy.
  8. Place one egg on top of each pile.
  9. Season with salt and pepper, to taste.

I’m not a huge bacon fan, so the art of infusing it into anything is a bit lost on me. I loved that the bacon was crispy – it added a nice contrast to the softer textures in the dish.


About Rickie

Just a girl who likes to teach kids, create designs, upcycle, peruse eateries, cook, watch / make / hear music, cuddle with her cats and a bunch of other stuff.
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