Jell-O Shots

I’ve been noticing a trend the past several years in which all those things we were taught were juvenile, even shameful, are getting viewed in a different light. They are getting treated with classier elements and are downright acceptable, even desirable now.

S’mores Jell-o shots, like whoa.

These gelatinous shots really put my crappy, early 20’s, ready-in-an-hour Jell-o shots to shame [although, to be honest, it was more a communal bowl of jell-o. If we were feeling polite, we’d each use our own spoons to down that stuff to make sure we were getting properly inebriated and not spreading our cooties around…as much.]

So, next up is the vegan, gluten-free, low-sodium, paleo-friendly Jell-o shot. Who’s got the recipe for that one, hm?


About Rickie

Just a girl who likes to teach kids, create designs, upcycle, peruse eateries, cook, watch / make / hear music, cuddle with her cats and a bunch of other stuff.
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